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 Sunnylodge Leader Shania (EX-92-3E) 2*

07-02  2X 305d  9666  466  4.8%F  311  3.2%P

2 superior lactation awards!

Exportable embryos available by Super

Son at Semex, Five Star Shagadelic

8 daughters classified, 100% GP or better!


Dam: Sunnylodge Broker Shana (VG-85) 11*

2nd Dam: Sunnylodge Prelude Spotty (VG-87) 18*


We also have 2 of Shania’s granddaughters by Dundee

Dam: Five Star Champion Skeeter  (VG-85-2yr)




 Beckhope Lee Miss (EX-93-3E) 1*

 06-04   2X 305d  11760  540  4.6%F  368  3.1%P

Due in March 2010 to Xacobeo 

6 classified daughters 100% GP or better! 4 VG-2yrs!

Dam: Beckhope Donovon Mindy (VG-85)

2nd Dam: Beckhope Mattador Mimi (VG-88) 1* 


                ALL CANADIAN PEDIGREE!

 Continental Malachite Ruby (VG-87) 1* 

07-00 2X 359d 10115 414 4.1%F 366 3.6%P

Top left: Ruby's daughter Kleehaven O Astro Rosalie GP-84

Dam: Continental Broker Risa (EX-93-5E)2*
2001 Reserve All-Canadian 4-Yr old!
Next dam: Cheralta Comm Ruthy (EX-3E)5*

We have daughters by James, Astronomical, Roy, Baxter, Talent, Goldwyn, and Duplex

Red Carrier Talent daughter!
VG-85 daughter by James!
2 VG-85-2yr daughters by Roy!

Pregnancies by Shottle

Thanks to Rainyridge Holsteins for buying her daughter by Roy


 Hylite S Gibson Jawny (VG-87)

07-11  2X 365d  9630  411  4.3%F  314  3.3%P

Jawny scored VG in her first lactation!

Daughters by Fortune, Baxter, and Sanchez


Dam: Englidale Joan (VG-88) 1*


2nd Dam: Englidale June (VG-87)


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